Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A Grand Twitter

Yes, Yes, Yes. Paris is a wash with the news that Katie Grand has resigned from Pop to set up a bi-annual for Conde Nast. Everyone is saying that Alex better just watch out and pull up her socks but to me people just want to gossip. Katie is / and has always been a bit of a Maverick. Giving her a new launch bi-annual with the feeling of a creative Visionaire format, is a strong move by CN's. However - it is far different to edit a Bi-Annual than it is a monthly. Also it will remain to be seen if she can operate within the CN framework. I just can’t see her wanting the helm of British Vogue anytime soon. It could be argued that Pop has had more cache in the UK than UK Vogue for a long time. The commercialism of Vogue is just not her style.

Yes, she has a strong background in great magazines - she is also fiercely independent and will only do what she wants to do. It works here, for both of there favours - she gets to put her stamp on something twice a year. Thus freeing her up to roll the money in with her consultancies and CN gains by bringing to the Stable the only Stylist / Editor whom they have never really gotten their mitts on.

It is always difficult - remember when she was Fashion Director of Harpers Bazaar US not all that long ago? As much as everyone lauds these new bedfellows - and I don't want to throw water on a very interesting flame but it will remain to see how well these two will make for business partners. I don't doubt the magazine will be a success but I do not see plain sailing ahead.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Show Time!

Ok Ok - sorry sorry sorry. At the prompting of the Stiletto Effect, I am back - sometimes even us Anobloggers need a kick up the bottom. I was in NYC for the shows, then working my tail off during London and now I find myself in Paris, in fact off to the opening of the new Bulgari Shop on George V.

It has been a very strange set of shows so far this week. The heels are scraping the ceiling but the economy has clearly realised that they can't keep trying to foist the Emperors new Clothes on us. The shows are definitely, creatively shortchanged besides the noble few (Nina Ricci and Balenciaga this morning) but the rest are battening the hatches for the hurricane on the horizon, which will likely batter the Luxury sector. Even John (who it could be argued spotted the trend early) showed a very paired down Tribal inspired commercial collection at Dior.

However it seems the jewellery houses are doing well - people are buying gems as investment alternatives, to the usual way of hiding ones worth. With Gold still close to a record high - if you had to walk away with your wealth - high jewellery is one way to do it easily.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Shooting Stars

Ok - sorry about the delay but work does come first! As I said in the previous post I was knee deep in Graduate Fashion Week, and I promised to give you a few names to keep and eye on. Now for once me and the Judging panel were in similar agreement with the overall winners from the colleges but some didn't make it to the final gala that I felt should have.

First and Foremost Ria Thomas, she won the Pringle of Scotland Knitwear award. I saw her Nottingham Trent show earlier and the week and thought she was something special - I expect we will see her on the LFW sched very soon. She definitely impressed me the most. The overall womenaswear award went to Nabil El Nayal who presented a very grown up, geometrical collection and the award was well deserved. The overall winner went to the menswear designer Jessica Au, with her Kenzo floral print menswear. Personally it didn't really rock my style boat but you can see she is a very strong talent. However what was a surprise to me was that the delightful Paul Smith/Techno/Public School boys collection by Krishna Chavda didn't make the judges cut. Personally I really enjoyed the presentation and I though it was fun without being showy, however its classic lines with a twist I guess didn't impress others in the same way.

Good luck class of 08 - in the changing market you are going to need all the help and support you can get.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Will the Graduating Class please stand for Commencement!

Yes I have been having one of those weeks - it was all rather 'Too" Fashion. I am prepping for a shoot, which is making things crazy - but to top that all off, it was the much publicized launch of Chanel at Dover Street Market last night (for those rubber neckers: Spotted, Agnes, Henry Holland, Katie Grand, Sarah Bailey, Bronwyn Cosgrave, well lets face it the fucking who's who of London fashion). I stayed for only a fashion moment before heading off to the Matches Circus evening and even covered an Art Exhibition (Grayson Perry, Peter Blake etc) - so I was plum tuckered to say the least.

No let up today, as the Gala Evening for Graduate Fashion week was on. I will say a big kudos to River Island as sponsor of the event. It is covered brilliantly and they have big plans to take it forward. It is also helpful to see everyone in the same place - it is rather like the Fashion week tents but all new, raw talent. Yes, there are some weaker students and you have to sit through things that might be your cup of tea (or are genuinely crap) however that is what a good editor does - EDIT.

There is a good deal of support for the event, the usual suspects BFC, but also it is sponsored by NatMags (the UK outfit of the Heart Corp). Sadly several of the Journo's who would usually turn out stayed away to go to the Royal College Gala tomorrow night but Extra Kudos to the Evening Standard crew, who were being well on top of it (which can't be said for certain other publications).

Anyway - if I weren't propping my eyes open I would give you the Grads to keep and eye on but I will save that for the next blog as Cinderella needs her sleep.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Girls, that is just a no no!

So I had some time to kill between appointments and tottered on down to the lovely Notting Hill exchange. Bagged myself an out of season Mulberry boating blazer for a £5 which is a bargain in anyone's book. It will go great with a wife beater and jeans and perfect at that price.

However, while slipping into the changing room the interns/fashion assistants saunter in from Wonderland flogging the castoffs from the fashion closet and desperately trying to put food on the table. Now we were all there once, I remember returning the M&S press gifts (back in the day they were worth £50) and could feed you from M&S food for a whole month if you were careful. However, words to the wise to the younger generation. Yes we all know you get paid pittance. We were there once too. Do not however show up at the local vintage/pawnshop with samples in a designer carrier bag that is clearly marked to the attention of the Fashion director of the MAGAZINE!!!!! It is so so not form - and if you aren't careful, people have been fired for less as you never know who is watching!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

R.I.P. Y.S.L.

I can't quite believe it. I am actually reeling from the news. I guess it doesn't help when I am right in the middle of the The Beautiful Fall by Alicia Drake. He was only 71. A mere 5 years older than my parents. I know he had retired, I know - he must have known that it was coming. It doesn't make it any easier.

Here is the news on the AFP - For me I will remember him for all of my mother's lovely handmedowns, my silk black peasant top, my red autumn pie crust blouse, and last but not least my favourite black croc slingbacks.

R.I.P. Y.S.L.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Kiss my Double C's

Every year it starts earlier and earlier. Today the first in line at the coveted invitation only, Chanel Sample Sale were in line at 6am apparently. Usually there are not too many bags on offer so you have to be at the front if you want pick of the litter.

I luckily, am not the biggest Chanel bag fan (gasp, horror) but I do go for the clothes in a big way (long with the rest of us). I passed over the Relative PR sale last night (I am never going to be a true sample size and thought, "Do I really want any more shoes?") and my saved my bank account for the workout this morning.

The great and the good were all there in spades, from Editors down to fashion assistants (no interns). I came away with a great cocktail dress, a day dress to die for, a cute knit piece and a skirt. All items that are good additions to my already packed wardrobe. I have in the past suffered buyers frenzy at this sale, and come away with items that, to be honest even I wonder what I was thinking at the time.

Furthermore this sample sale, opposed to others has past sale merchandise so women other than the wafer thin, get a look in. I am pleased as punch with my purchases, but with that and the McQueen dress last month - I have over splurged. It is a fashion diet from here on in this season.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Earliest Morning in Fashion

Roll up, Roll Up. Starbucks in hand. Are you ready? Tomorrow is the earliest day in Fashion. The only day you will see from the Top of the Masthead on down standing in line. I will report back on my loot in due Course!

See you there ladies.

xoxo WS

Thursday, May 08, 2008


Well as many I know are readers of the lovely Liberty London Girl it is with sadness that she leaves (not forever I hope) the blogging family. It is understandable as she has taken the medium by storm and run with it. Understandably she will be sorely missed by those who know her and by those that don't.

I wish I had her writing talents as well as her zest for life. Her new publication is bloomin' lucky to have her. RIP LLG - but knock them dead!

It seems that many of the fashion insiders are taking a break - Mrs. Fashion has also 'retired' this month. Perhaps the medium is getting old or actually it is far more likely that the industry is getting a little to close to the bone for us to have an annoy blog.

I have been lucky, dipping in and out over time. I have seen the Fashion Blogs develop and some have fully bloomed. I just want to take my hat off to the small league of fashion insiders who trundle on.

Good Luck LLG and Mrs. F in all that you do, but your blogs will be missed.


Monday, April 28, 2008

I finally found a stink I like

I have a general problem with perfume. In fact, as a child I was known to faint in the perfume departments of several major department stores; due to the overwhelming smell. So for years I stayed far away from perfume and perfume departments especially. I would hold my breath as I undertook the urban assault course to the elevators, and up to the clothing departments.

However, I can now announce I have finally found a perfume that I actually like and want to wear and more importantly doesn't give me migraine! It has taken years and I can't actually believe it. It isn't a scent for everyone but it is mine all mine.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Ahh - Poor but oh so happy

As I mentioned back in this post. I ordered this lovely dress at the trunk show at McQueen. For reasons or another - the ^)(*(*& messed up my order. Now, I am poor at the moment - and as much as the lovely sales assistant tried to convince me the the size smaller fit wonderfully (she was on crack at the time, desperate for a commission) it was not to be. They had sold out of the 1 dress the shop had ordered in my size.

I figured karma was telling me it was not to be. It is one of the rare dresses that, in my 10+ years of styling - I have had that feeling in the pit of my stomach - I must just HAVE that dress motivations about but I figured c'est la vie. It wasn't for lack of trying. After McQueen guys realized their error they called all the stores worldwide to find it in my size with no luck.

So here I am prepping a shoot, doing appointments like a banchee and I walk into a well known independent label boutique of fame and hanging on the front of the first rail - one lone dress. As you would guess it - they bought 2, and the only one left? In my size. That was Karma telling me yes, it would be mine and I deserve it. Furthermore, the store discount made the horrific price just that little bit easier to justify.

Do I have an event to wear it to? No. I always fancied running off to somewhere, Niagara Falls perhaps, and getting hitched in it. I will feel much better knowing it is there in my closet waiting to make a grand entrance.

Unimportant is always the Most Important

Oh oh OH! I have been tagged by the lovely LLG
to say six unimportant things about myself. Given that I am vastly unimportant you would think I should be able to come up with a Bosch full of witty retorts but I am stuck. However, here we go:

I am addicted to Red Vines
Believe it or not - I am fairly certain I never wore a pair of high heels for more than 3 hours at a time (school dances) until I started working at CN - amazing as I am addicted to them all day now.
At age 13 I was sure I would be a midwife when I grew up.
My mother has always named her dogs on the breeds' country of origin.
Sleep just isn't the same with out a White Company Mattress Topper
I don't mind spiders but I really dislike spider webs - go figure.
and one for good luck -
I still just love Harold and Maude

I would love to tag Mrs. Fashion, My Fashion Life and last but not least UberChic

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Roll Up Roll up - Fondle the new and tear apart the old

Yes it is that time again. Where the wear editors and stylists hit the streets and pound the pavements from one press day to the next. Last week was peanuts compared to the Tuesday - Thursday grouping this week.

Luckily, I might be given a respite as I am due to be shooting. Anyway some of my PR spin favourites right now ( Please do add your own ):

"Its an Instant Classic"
"Can't you see it's clear modern lines" - when discribing a loud ruffled number.
"It is such a modern colour"
"It is Blade Runner meets Coco Chanel"
"No one has ever done anything like this" (ya right) - a customized t-shirt

Please note that if you can work the word modern into your description you get bonus points (Yawn).

Now, I know how hard it is to spin good PR on a product that isn't forward (or that you quietly don't believe in). I couldn't do it, I am very lucky to stand on side of the fence that I do as I couldn't sell a basket of cute kittens.

Anyway - off to a further 12 apts today - joy! No honestly I actually enjoy the press days but to say they aren't exhausting would be a little white lie.

Friday, February 29, 2008

A woman just wants to go to the right University.

I don't usually just go and plug someones fashion blog but I wanted to raise my hat to

The View from Here

and her blog from the talk that Anna Wintour gave at the Oxford Uni.

I had listened to Anna give a great eulogy at Issie Blow's memomorial service, and was surprised at her eloquence. She does suffer from nerves but it is nice to see a different side to how she is portrayed in the media.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Rest In Peace Polaroid - New York Times Link Here

There are some things that it will be strange to be in the fashion world without. For anyone who started in fashion before 2000 or so will remember with Fondness, Rage, Pain and joy that a Polaroid would bring.

It has just been announced that they will cease to produce polaroid film after 2009. I know we all shoot on Digital these days but there was a time before. Clients had to trust a photographer and stylist to get the images; all usually on 5-6 rolls of film. The only clue you had to go by on what the final composition usually would be - was that Polaroid.

Stylist compiled their credits by Polaroid, and I still have small swatch books for shots that were taken. A mini portfolio if you will. I through the years have taken my fair share of celebrities so that we could figure out if "that" dress would be come see through under flash bulbs. Our only friend - the flash on the 600 series.

I will miss life with out Polaroid as there is something about it, that when its gone, a part of the fashion world will have gone with it.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Not your usual songstress

I am not one to usually plug people but for once I will make an exception.

I had the pleasure of seeing this young welsh lass sing last night, and believe me you won't be able to miss her in the coming weeks. Her live set was unusually even better than the upcoming album.

It is a slow start but worth it.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Tag with a twist

A wee bit ago the lovely Liberty London Girl tagged me, to show what I have in my handbag. I agree with Mrs. Fashion, it might be a bit close to the bone given that I might just get found out. So I thought on this for a while, and have opted for the image below.

As with most stylists - we spend a good deal of time on the road. So TADA! My SOS Travel bag. I did omit my pair of cashmere trackpants that make long haul flights just that little easier but I hope you will forgive me.

So as you can see - this is from my recent trip to the Couture shows. It is a lovely bag from Sergio Rossi and is a tardis. This was very good when the BAA decided that you could only have one carry on bag if you were travelling in and out of London (thank god they have lifted this silly rule).

Things I can't live without. My Laptop, My plan of Paris, the little notebook!, a pair of good gloves (I have them in Brown as well and a great investment from Jaeger, My Euro purse and of course my passport and plug charger. The more unusual items - a seam ripper (something I always have on me) and some breath strips (there is nothing worse I have found then having to be in very close proximity to a celeb or model with bad breath), which I bought in NYC in bulk as I love them.

Now on to tagging others hmmmmm.....

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Bugger Bergdorf!

They should put a large fence around that darn place. Especially around the time of the shoe clearance.

Items I didn't strictly need but bought over the Christmas period:

A reversible Hermes H Belt.
A pair of Manolo Black leather ankle boots (these replace my very old dilapidated, first pair I ever bought) - so I am trying to justify it. Bugger you Bergdorf, I will get you for that.
Too Many pairs of shoes at the Louboutin Sale (add a bag or two as well).
A handful of good winter coats at Burberry.

All good investment pieces - but I will definitely be hibernating for a while paying off my Christmas splurge. Missed out on a couple of good shoots but on the styling front - it looks like it will be even busier than 2007!!!

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