Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Bugger Bergdorf!

They should put a large fence around that darn place. Especially around the time of the shoe clearance.

Items I didn't strictly need but bought over the Christmas period:

A reversible Hermes H Belt.
A pair of Manolo Black leather ankle boots (these replace my very old dilapidated, first pair I ever bought) - so I am trying to justify it. Bugger you Bergdorf, I will get you for that.
Too Many pairs of shoes at the Louboutin Sale (add a bag or two as well).
A handful of good winter coats at Burberry.

All good investment pieces - but I will definitely be hibernating for a while paying off my Christmas splurge. Missed out on a couple of good shoots but on the styling front - it looks like it will be even busier than 2007!!!


Mrs Fashion said...

Oh yes, I know all about investment pieces ;-)

PS: loving your new manicure

Libertygirl said...

Tag. You're it. LLG xx

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