Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A Grand Twitter

Yes, Yes, Yes. Paris is a wash with the news that Katie Grand has resigned from Pop to set up a bi-annual for Conde Nast. Everyone is saying that Alex better just watch out and pull up her socks but to me people just want to gossip. Katie is / and has always been a bit of a Maverick. Giving her a new launch bi-annual with the feeling of a creative Visionaire format, is a strong move by CN's. However - it is far different to edit a Bi-Annual than it is a monthly. Also it will remain to be seen if she can operate within the CN framework. I just can’t see her wanting the helm of British Vogue anytime soon. It could be argued that Pop has had more cache in the UK than UK Vogue for a long time. The commercialism of Vogue is just not her style.

Yes, she has a strong background in great magazines - she is also fiercely independent and will only do what she wants to do. It works here, for both of there favours - she gets to put her stamp on something twice a year. Thus freeing her up to roll the money in with her consultancies and CN gains by bringing to the Stable the only Stylist / Editor whom they have never really gotten their mitts on.

It is always difficult - remember when she was Fashion Director of Harpers Bazaar US not all that long ago? As much as everyone lauds these new bedfellows - and I don't want to throw water on a very interesting flame but it will remain to see how well these two will make for business partners. I don't doubt the magazine will be a success but I do not see plain sailing ahead.

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