Monday, August 30, 2004

Monday, August 30th

Surprising for a bank holiday - work! An unexpected email for another Harpers Bazaar job... well that will keep the week interesting! I had had a lovely email about the last job so I thought there might be more in the pipeline but not as quickly as this! As I have mentioned before the fashion world stops for no one! Glad however, that I chose to escape the carnival and have entrenched myself at a friends place. This however is being written from a Wi-Fi starbucks... isn't technology grand!

Friday, August 27, 2004

Friday, August 27th

All has been quiet on the fashion front. August is usually exceptionally quiet. The international press offices are closed and for a workaholic profession this enforced slowdown is usually a welcome relief for everybody. For some reason, compared to previous years I have had a fairly busy August. I had a lovely job working with the present #1 pop princess, who was delightful I might add. A smashing job working for Harpers Bazaar and a consultation to a young up and coming fashion company. However, now we have September on the horizon and I have to step up a gear.

I think I am going to skip New York this season for a couple of reasons, if I see another show of American sportswear/classics, I might be tipped over the edge and need catwalk prozac for the foreseeable future. Additionally, by the time I get to the end of Paris I no longer care about the beauty I see before me. There is nothing worse than fashion burnout and the shows test everyone to the limits. The London Fashion Week schedule arrived in my inbox today - nothing I am gagging to see. However I am still waiting for the off schedule show list, as Kit Willow seems to hold some promise... fingers crossed it isn't just a bunch of London hype (which is often the case).

The more interesting aspect of London Fashion week will be the contest between the Sunday Times Style and ES Magazine - both of which are heavily into sponsorship of LFW. Both are planning large extravaganzas for the public ... However the Evening Standard are taking lead in the sponsorship - have an amazing fashion issue (if my sources are to be believed) and are making a bid for the London Fashion Newspaper crown. The old battle axe that is Style has an uphill battle ahead of them. It has been looking rather Essex over the past six months to a year. They had a strong relaunch but it has been going downhill since. It is no longer the Vogue of the newspapers that it once was.

Well I am off to enjoy the Carnival... the buzz around here has started already... I better decamp to a friends house if I plan to get any rest at all!

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Tuesday, August 17th

Now that the stress has subsided and I have adjusted to my new status I can tell you that I have done the impossible and joined the property owners in London, hence my absence for the past little while. I also have the liberty of being somewhat smug having paid £70,000 or so under the market value for the flat. So now I have been knee deep in rubble, tweaking here and tweaking there. I spent the last few days making an acquaintance with a breaker. I am still in a layer of dust. Rather like the Galliano show a 2 or 3 seasons back with all the powder paints! Life did take a small civilized turn when I was invited up to the widow Getty's place in Berkshire this weekend to watch the Sir Paul Getty's XI vs. I. Zingari annual cricket match. Admittedly, I am not the biggest cricket fan by any stretch of the imagination; however I couldn't turn down the opportunity to see one of the best private library's in the world. It was breathtaking - 1st editions of everything, jewel encrusted copies of Keats, the Canterbury Tales just to name a few.

The cricket wasn't half bad either... Quintessentially English. We were all set out on deck chairs over looking the best private cricket pitch in the world (Getty was cricket mad for an American). Pimm's and Champagne were brought over to you, and your glass never emptied. A scrumptious Salmon lunch, a proper English tea.. and also an ice cream trolley to top it off. It was just delightful! It will definitely go down as one of the more memorable occasions, second only to my stay on the Christina O, (the Onassis Yacht) and its whale foreskin barstools. Christina O, Onassis Yacht . Anyway it was lovely to get out of London for a day. Lots of things are happening but I don't want to jinx anything by tell you now... just call me superstitious! Speak soon.....

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