Monday, April 28, 2008

I finally found a stink I like

I have a general problem with perfume. In fact, as a child I was known to faint in the perfume departments of several major department stores; due to the overwhelming smell. So for years I stayed far away from perfume and perfume departments especially. I would hold my breath as I undertook the urban assault course to the elevators, and up to the clothing departments.

However, I can now announce I have finally found a perfume that I actually like and want to wear and more importantly doesn't give me migraine! It has taken years and I can't actually believe it. It isn't a scent for everyone but it is mine all mine.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Ahh - Poor but oh so happy

As I mentioned back in this post. I ordered this lovely dress at the trunk show at McQueen. For reasons or another - the ^)(*(*& messed up my order. Now, I am poor at the moment - and as much as the lovely sales assistant tried to convince me the the size smaller fit wonderfully (she was on crack at the time, desperate for a commission) it was not to be. They had sold out of the 1 dress the shop had ordered in my size.

I figured karma was telling me it was not to be. It is one of the rare dresses that, in my 10+ years of styling - I have had that feeling in the pit of my stomach - I must just HAVE that dress motivations about but I figured c'est la vie. It wasn't for lack of trying. After McQueen guys realized their error they called all the stores worldwide to find it in my size with no luck.

So here I am prepping a shoot, doing appointments like a banchee and I walk into a well known independent label boutique of fame and hanging on the front of the first rail - one lone dress. As you would guess it - they bought 2, and the only one left? In my size. That was Karma telling me yes, it would be mine and I deserve it. Furthermore, the store discount made the horrific price just that little bit easier to justify.

Do I have an event to wear it to? No. I always fancied running off to somewhere, Niagara Falls perhaps, and getting hitched in it. I will feel much better knowing it is there in my closet waiting to make a grand entrance.

Unimportant is always the Most Important

Oh oh OH! I have been tagged by the lovely LLG
to say six unimportant things about myself. Given that I am vastly unimportant you would think I should be able to come up with a Bosch full of witty retorts but I am stuck. However, here we go:

I am addicted to Red Vines
Believe it or not - I am fairly certain I never wore a pair of high heels for more than 3 hours at a time (school dances) until I started working at CN - amazing as I am addicted to them all day now.
At age 13 I was sure I would be a midwife when I grew up.
My mother has always named her dogs on the breeds' country of origin.
Sleep just isn't the same with out a White Company Mattress Topper
I don't mind spiders but I really dislike spider webs - go figure.
and one for good luck -
I still just love Harold and Maude

I would love to tag Mrs. Fashion, My Fashion Life and last but not least UberChic

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Roll Up Roll up - Fondle the new and tear apart the old

Yes it is that time again. Where the wear editors and stylists hit the streets and pound the pavements from one press day to the next. Last week was peanuts compared to the Tuesday - Thursday grouping this week.

Luckily, I might be given a respite as I am due to be shooting. Anyway some of my PR spin favourites right now ( Please do add your own ):

"Its an Instant Classic"
"Can't you see it's clear modern lines" - when discribing a loud ruffled number.
"It is such a modern colour"
"It is Blade Runner meets Coco Chanel"
"No one has ever done anything like this" (ya right) - a customized t-shirt

Please note that if you can work the word modern into your description you get bonus points (Yawn).

Now, I know how hard it is to spin good PR on a product that isn't forward (or that you quietly don't believe in). I couldn't do it, I am very lucky to stand on side of the fence that I do as I couldn't sell a basket of cute kittens.

Anyway - off to a further 12 apts today - joy! No honestly I actually enjoy the press days but to say they aren't exhausting would be a little white lie.

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