Sunday, December 23, 2007

A bit of a manicure.

I am trying out a new layout as the old one - well lets be frank, after several years was boring me. Do bare with me as I tweak together a new one.


Tales from Times Square

An interesting time in the Big Apple - my summons to the 12th Floor of 4 Times Square went well (I was oddly calm throughout) and now only time will tell. Did however get a chance to gossip with a friend at ELLE to get the inside skinny on what is happening and also to catch up.

Furthermore - for anyone who is off to Brazilian Fashion week as soon as we get back to our desks - do check out Anunciacao who I rate. Sod the Havanias and run straight to Melissa. They are doing some fab shoes and also have the talented Alexandre Herchcovitch designing a capsule collection.

Anyway all have a great Holiday and see you in 2008!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Its Almost Christmas and the world Stinks

Well I off to Mecca on Thursday so wish me luck. I will report back if it all goes well. However, until then ponder this. It is almost Christmas, and I know this how? No - not by the fairly lights, the wonderful Christmas songs, the BBC Christmas fair?

I know this, only due to the fact that ever other bloody commercial on TV at the moment is for Perfume. What is it - do we get to Christmas and we all stink? From Deisel, Lacoste, Chanel, Dolce, Emporio or worse still SJP, Christina, and Kylie! Luckily no JoLo, Britney this year so far, but we do still have to face Family Beckham - would you really want to be sweaty spice?

Friday, November 09, 2007

Finally a day to catch up and back in the office! It has been a marathon of Press days both this week and last. There are still more next week but at least there is a short break to get some actual work done.

However - I have to share a story with you. I don't usually hold myself as throwing stones (as I live in a glass house) however I was having a lovely tea in the Wolsey yesterday - in between the huge downpour. As it was I had been seated 2 tables away from a very grand stylist. Now this, in itself is of little consequence, we did our best to politely ignore each other which often happens in Fashion. I carried on my conversation while hoping I wasn't being too indiscreet with my companion.

The thing that made it priceless for me was when she got up and left. As she waltzed out the door and put her suit jacket on you could clearly see the long sample swing ticket hanging from the centre label. Now the Editrix in question is not exactly what we would call sample size (the cut on the jacket would be described as generous) but so obviously borrowing from the closet is a no no in my book. Or if you are going to be that bold - be a little more discreet darling!

Enjoy your weekend lovelies!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

We all do things we shouldn't - it just seems that Stylists ones are more expensive than others.

Admittedly at a discount my "Shouldn't" last season was an Alaia Black leather Trench coat. I shouldn't but I did, and gosh do I feel like a dominatrix when I wear it.

This / next season's "Shouldn't" but did - happened today at McQueen. I pre-ordered a version of this. I always had the fantasy of wearing the Birds of Paradise for my wedding and this is as close as I will ever get. I will be poor but oh so happy.

Monday, November 05, 2007

ONLY 49 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS - Have you done your shopping yet?

We haven't even had Bonfire night and the Christmas lights are going up, and Harrods has had their Christmas Parade. I sometimes wish we didn't lurch from one Marketing exercise moment to the next.

However at times it is worse - only 60 days until you will be told to by your summer bikini!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

AGGG!! I have found the biggest threat in a stylists life - a hole in her wardrobe! I have no "date" tops! Bugger - what is a girl to do. So far I haven't even spied any thing that I can pre-order.

It is Halloween and all so I will try not to frighten the children. I suspose I will take myself off to a party tonight but the though of seeing a whole bunch of club kids in bin bags is enough to put anyone off. My partner in crime this evening however is no doubt going to keep me smiling and keeping the spooks at bay.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Enough Already!

For those not in the loop the Press Days are on us in force this week and for the next two. This is a vital part of the wheel yet I still have quite a gripe. Is there any particular reason why there need to be 38 individual press events tomorrow alone? Do they think we are super human?

Those in the PR agencies and PR offices stay away from hosting their events on Monday and Friday (a mistake in my book) and try to wedge everything over the course of the mid week! There is no way anyone can even attempt to see it all - and some things get missed even if you hope it not to be the case. I don't think it does a client / label any justice; as you are having to hot foot it around rather than taking your time (and notes) with care.

It does become a bit like clothing blinkers - looking directly at only the items that fall in to the categories of the editorial you plan to shoot that season. However - as we all know - stories change like quicksand and you editor suddenly waltz's in to the office one day and says " I am feeling a goth moment " (usually when there is no goth influence that season - admittedly this could be because she is so on the pulse and ahead of the curve from having lunch with Designer so and so, or equally as she has her eye on a black leather Alaia coat).

I send my regards to all of those doing the press day shuffle - I am sure I will see you out there working away and you have my sympathies!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

A tale in two pairs

I am not good (as most stylists aren't) at getting rid of things. Knowing full well that what is out of fashion today will in time come back around tomorrow. However, needs must and I have had to cull some of my 70 pairs of shoes. This as you can imagine is tragedy in and of itself but alas the fact that I can't close my closet I have had to be brutal.

One of the tragic habits I have is that I place my memories in my shoes. The hardest thing has been to part with two pairs of shoes that should have gone to the cobbler in the sky years ago. The first - my first hippy dippy pair of black suede Arizona Birkenstocks. I bought them when I was 17, young, bright and full of promises. They have seen me walking through my first festivals, first boyfriends, several houses and much misadventure. They are sadly now stained, damp, well worn but oh so loved. For sentimentality I should keep alone but tough decisions have had to be made.

The other - my first pair of Manolo's. The heels are shot, the toes worn through, yet the leather is still as soft as a baby's bottom. Mr. M does take good care when he designs shoes and if Evangelina saw me running around in them now (give the state they are in). I would surely be banished. The loving boots - walked me through my first seasons as an assistant, survived the brutal regime of Paris streets (and all that gravel in the Tulieries) and have come through like a retired general in the battle field. They were re-soled more time then I care to think, the heels rebuilt more than once, and yet they still soldiered on.

I will miss you both but after many years of duty and services rendered and hand you over to the pedicured feet in the sky my friends. You are gone but never forgotten.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Slipping up on a ....

Slipping up on a Banana.

Things are moving at a pace and back in January it was reported that Banana Republic would be hitting the UK - so come March BR will open is doors in the old Dickens and Jones building. (The other tenants will be a HUGE H&M, as well as an Armani Exchange and Nokia). Gap UK have just put final touches to the PR team (sterling choices) and starting to gear up for the media onslaught. It will be interesting to see marketing strategy.

I remember vividly when the Gap opened its first store (just a few doors down on Regent Street) in the 1980's - the prices were laughably overpriced as they were pure imports from the US. It took them a while to sort that out and now, as we all know they have a dedicated European design team - as they learned that the European woman is very different consumer to her American counterpart (far more Chic lets just call a spade a spade).

On the other side - I think the timing is right for BR as Joseph (since the great man sold it) isn't what it once was. Reiss is also has a bit of an inflated ego - I suspect they will be going head to head against them. If they get the price points right - it will be game on.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday, October 25th 2007

Lots have things have happened since I have been away (several years). Myself imposed retirement was for my sanity but several new blogs have tempted me back again ... we will see how long until my blogging ADD kicks in.

We will take each week - well week by week. Until then I would suggest you take a look at the following other fashion bloggers.

Liberty London Girl

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Disney Roller Girl

Enjoy! More from me soon.

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