Monday, October 29, 2007

Enough Already!

For those not in the loop the Press Days are on us in force this week and for the next two. This is a vital part of the wheel yet I still have quite a gripe. Is there any particular reason why there need to be 38 individual press events tomorrow alone? Do they think we are super human?

Those in the PR agencies and PR offices stay away from hosting their events on Monday and Friday (a mistake in my book) and try to wedge everything over the course of the mid week! There is no way anyone can even attempt to see it all - and some things get missed even if you hope it not to be the case. I don't think it does a client / label any justice; as you are having to hot foot it around rather than taking your time (and notes) with care.

It does become a bit like clothing blinkers - looking directly at only the items that fall in to the categories of the editorial you plan to shoot that season. However - as we all know - stories change like quicksand and you editor suddenly waltz's in to the office one day and says " I am feeling a goth moment " (usually when there is no goth influence that season - admittedly this could be because she is so on the pulse and ahead of the curve from having lunch with Designer so and so, or equally as she has her eye on a black leather Alaia coat).

I send my regards to all of those doing the press day shuffle - I am sure I will see you out there working away and you have my sympathies!

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Rollergirl said...

Too true. I am waiting for someone to start a press-days-by-proxy company where they attend the press days and take photos for us and we pay them a small fee. But what would be do about the goody bags?

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