Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Show Time!

Ok Ok - sorry sorry sorry. At the prompting of the Stiletto Effect, I am back - sometimes even us Anobloggers need a kick up the bottom. I was in NYC for the shows, then working my tail off during London and now I find myself in Paris, in fact off to the opening of the new Bulgari Shop on George V.

It has been a very strange set of shows so far this week. The heels are scraping the ceiling but the economy has clearly realised that they can't keep trying to foist the Emperors new Clothes on us. The shows are definitely, creatively shortchanged besides the noble few (Nina Ricci and Balenciaga this morning) but the rest are battening the hatches for the hurricane on the horizon, which will likely batter the Luxury sector. Even John (who it could be argued spotted the trend early) showed a very paired down Tribal inspired commercial collection at Dior.

However it seems the jewellery houses are doing well - people are buying gems as investment alternatives, to the usual way of hiding ones worth. With Gold still close to a record high - if you had to walk away with your wealth - high jewellery is one way to do it easily.

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