Sunday, December 23, 2007

A bit of a manicure.

I am trying out a new layout as the old one - well lets be frank, after several years was boring me. Do bare with me as I tweak together a new one.


Tales from Times Square

An interesting time in the Big Apple - my summons to the 12th Floor of 4 Times Square went well (I was oddly calm throughout) and now only time will tell. Did however get a chance to gossip with a friend at ELLE to get the inside skinny on what is happening and also to catch up.

Furthermore - for anyone who is off to Brazilian Fashion week as soon as we get back to our desks - do check out Anunciacao who I rate. Sod the Havanias and run straight to Melissa. They are doing some fab shoes and also have the talented Alexandre Herchcovitch designing a capsule collection.

Anyway all have a great Holiday and see you in 2008!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Its Almost Christmas and the world Stinks

Well I off to Mecca on Thursday so wish me luck. I will report back if it all goes well. However, until then ponder this. It is almost Christmas, and I know this how? No - not by the fairly lights, the wonderful Christmas songs, the BBC Christmas fair?

I know this, only due to the fact that ever other bloody commercial on TV at the moment is for Perfume. What is it - do we get to Christmas and we all stink? From Deisel, Lacoste, Chanel, Dolce, Emporio or worse still SJP, Christina, and Kylie! Luckily no JoLo, Britney this year so far, but we do still have to face Family Beckham - would you really want to be sweaty spice?

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