Monday, April 21, 2008

Ahh - Poor but oh so happy

As I mentioned back in this post. I ordered this lovely dress at the trunk show at McQueen. For reasons or another - the ^)(*(*& messed up my order. Now, I am poor at the moment - and as much as the lovely sales assistant tried to convince me the the size smaller fit wonderfully (she was on crack at the time, desperate for a commission) it was not to be. They had sold out of the 1 dress the shop had ordered in my size.

I figured karma was telling me it was not to be. It is one of the rare dresses that, in my 10+ years of styling - I have had that feeling in the pit of my stomach - I must just HAVE that dress motivations about but I figured c'est la vie. It wasn't for lack of trying. After McQueen guys realized their error they called all the stores worldwide to find it in my size with no luck.

So here I am prepping a shoot, doing appointments like a banchee and I walk into a well known independent label boutique of fame and hanging on the front of the first rail - one lone dress. As you would guess it - they bought 2, and the only one left? In my size. That was Karma telling me yes, it would be mine and I deserve it. Furthermore, the store discount made the horrific price just that little bit easier to justify.

Do I have an event to wear it to? No. I always fancied running off to somewhere, Niagara Falls perhaps, and getting hitched in it. I will feel much better knowing it is there in my closet waiting to make a grand entrance.


Mikkle said...

awww call me crazy, but I love a good story when lady and dress get reunited in the end! glad you two found each other!

White Witch of the Runway said...

Believe me - I am dancing around in my apartment in it as we speak!

enc said...

The Universe delivers. What a great story. I'm happy for you!

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