Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A Grand Twitter

Yes, Yes, Yes. Paris is a wash with the news that Katie Grand has resigned from Pop to set up a bi-annual for Conde Nast. Everyone is saying that Alex better just watch out and pull up her socks but to me people just want to gossip. Katie is / and has always been a bit of a Maverick. Giving her a new launch bi-annual with the feeling of a creative Visionaire format, is a strong move by CN's. However - it is far different to edit a Bi-Annual than it is a monthly. Also it will remain to be seen if she can operate within the CN framework. I just can’t see her wanting the helm of British Vogue anytime soon. It could be argued that Pop has had more cache in the UK than UK Vogue for a long time. The commercialism of Vogue is just not her style.

Yes, she has a strong background in great magazines - she is also fiercely independent and will only do what she wants to do. It works here, for both of there favours - she gets to put her stamp on something twice a year. Thus freeing her up to roll the money in with her consultancies and CN gains by bringing to the Stable the only Stylist / Editor whom they have never really gotten their mitts on.

It is always difficult - remember when she was Fashion Director of Harpers Bazaar US not all that long ago? As much as everyone lauds these new bedfellows - and I don't want to throw water on a very interesting flame but it will remain to see how well these two will make for business partners. I don't doubt the magazine will be a success but I do not see plain sailing ahead.


Make Do and Mend said...

Oh great magazine gossip. Hm I'm thinking CN is a tightly run ship and will Ms Grand fit indeed!
Also how relevant is a bi-annual with blogging, what can it offer?

White Witch of the Runway said...

I suspect it will be purely visual so more of a creative platform.

However a wise person, Editrix X said it might be a silly move as it COULD, end up eating up Vogue's ad Budget.

Time will tell.

Rollergirl said...

I don't get how it will be *that* different from Pop which is also a bi-annual style mag? I hated what she did at Harpers Bazaar but I love Pop. Apparently, she has taken all the Pop crew with her. I'm wondering if Bauer (who bought Emap) were threatening to close Pop anyway?

White Witch of the Runway said...

Yes she has taken most of the staff with her - Bauer will likely close it as as the magazine name is really the only asset - Just the same with NOVA, the FACE ect.

prettyneons said...


I just stumbled across your blog, what took me so long? Foolish moi, have I been reading blogs with my eyes shut tight? To of not sailed pass this brilliant one, slap on my hand!

Prettyneons X

Anonymous said...

so true, i heard a certain someone else was offered her ex-role...

great post

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