Thursday, June 19, 2008

Shooting Stars

Ok - sorry about the delay but work does come first! As I said in the previous post I was knee deep in Graduate Fashion Week, and I promised to give you a few names to keep and eye on. Now for once me and the Judging panel were in similar agreement with the overall winners from the colleges but some didn't make it to the final gala that I felt should have.

First and Foremost Ria Thomas, she won the Pringle of Scotland Knitwear award. I saw her Nottingham Trent show earlier and the week and thought she was something special - I expect we will see her on the LFW sched very soon. She definitely impressed me the most. The overall womenaswear award went to Nabil El Nayal who presented a very grown up, geometrical collection and the award was well deserved. The overall winner went to the menswear designer Jessica Au, with her Kenzo floral print menswear. Personally it didn't really rock my style boat but you can see she is a very strong talent. However what was a surprise to me was that the delightful Paul Smith/Techno/Public School boys collection by Krishna Chavda didn't make the judges cut. Personally I really enjoyed the presentation and I though it was fun without being showy, however its classic lines with a twist I guess didn't impress others in the same way.

Good luck class of 08 - in the changing market you are going to need all the help and support you can get.



Make Do & Mend said...

Oh how lovely to see them all. I must get back into viewings and catwalks again - sans baby of course. Will help going back to London College of Fashion to do my MA!

MR style said...

u'r first picture for the blog is just amazin ! is it a collage u made yourself ?

The Stiletto Effect said...

ok work first, i can only say i agree :) but pls come back :P

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