Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Will the Graduating Class please stand for Commencement!

Yes I have been having one of those weeks - it was all rather 'Too" Fashion. I am prepping for a shoot, which is making things crazy - but to top that all off, it was the much publicized launch of Chanel at Dover Street Market last night (for those rubber neckers: Spotted, Agnes, Henry Holland, Katie Grand, Sarah Bailey, Bronwyn Cosgrave, well lets face it the fucking who's who of London fashion). I stayed for only a fashion moment before heading off to the Matches Circus evening and even covered an Art Exhibition (Grayson Perry, Peter Blake etc) - so I was plum tuckered to say the least.

No let up today, as the Gala Evening for Graduate Fashion week was on. I will say a big kudos to River Island as sponsor of the event. It is covered brilliantly and they have big plans to take it forward. It is also helpful to see everyone in the same place - it is rather like the Fashion week tents but all new, raw talent. Yes, there are some weaker students and you have to sit through things that might be your cup of tea (or are genuinely crap) however that is what a good editor does - EDIT.

There is a good deal of support for the event, the usual suspects BFC, but also it is sponsored by NatMags (the UK outfit of the Heart Corp). Sadly several of the Journo's who would usually turn out stayed away to go to the Royal College Gala tomorrow night but Extra Kudos to the Evening Standard crew, who were being well on top of it (which can't be said for certain other publications).

Anyway - if I weren't propping my eyes open I would give you the Grads to keep and eye on but I will save that for the next blog as Cinderella needs her sleep.

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Make Do & Mend said...

I'd be pooped to with all tht NY style gadding about town!

Hm I should make more effort though and then I might get invites!

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