Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Girls, that is just a no no!

So I had some time to kill between appointments and tottered on down to the lovely Notting Hill exchange. Bagged myself an out of season Mulberry boating blazer for a £5 which is a bargain in anyone's book. It will go great with a wife beater and jeans and perfect at that price.

However, while slipping into the changing room the interns/fashion assistants saunter in from Wonderland flogging the castoffs from the fashion closet and desperately trying to put food on the table. Now we were all there once, I remember returning the M&S press gifts (back in the day they were worth £50) and could feed you from M&S food for a whole month if you were careful. However, words to the wise to the younger generation. Yes we all know you get paid pittance. We were there once too. Do not however show up at the local vintage/pawnshop with samples in a designer carrier bag that is clearly marked to the attention of the Fashion director of the MAGAZINE!!!!! It is so so not form - and if you aren't careful, people have been fired for less as you never know who is watching!


Make Do & Mend said...

Ooooh! I remember those days too but it ain't a good idea to a)make a habit of it or b)be so brazen.

I love it when someone spots something by chance!

It does make me wish I wasn't so good and always returned the samples to the press offices though!

White Witch of the Runway said...


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