Saturday, February 09, 2008

Rest In Peace Polaroid - New York Times Link Here

There are some things that it will be strange to be in the fashion world without. For anyone who started in fashion before 2000 or so will remember with Fondness, Rage, Pain and joy that a Polaroid would bring.

It has just been announced that they will cease to produce polaroid film after 2009. I know we all shoot on Digital these days but there was a time before. Clients had to trust a photographer and stylist to get the images; all usually on 5-6 rolls of film. The only clue you had to go by on what the final composition usually would be - was that Polaroid.

Stylist compiled their credits by Polaroid, and I still have small swatch books for shots that were taken. A mini portfolio if you will. I through the years have taken my fair share of celebrities so that we could figure out if "that" dress would be come see through under flash bulbs. Our only friend - the flash on the 600 series.

I will miss life with out Polaroid as there is something about it, that when its gone, a part of the fashion world will have gone with it.


Flashy_Shades said...

i appreciated your tribute to the polaroid. its weird that our kids will grow up without them

White Witch of the Runway said...

Thanks for your thoughts - I know it will be weird, a whole part of my childhood memories are wrapped up in Polaroid 600 film!

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