Friday, January 30, 2009

Predicting the Future

Sometimes I do wonder about things. For example the title of the last blog - a silly fun play on words. Or so you would think, until I find myself on my couture sitting today. Everyone has been very helpful but every shot taken, every shot covered but we all sit hear waiting, waiting and waiting some more. The Couture house that we are waiting for?

It isn't the PR's fault as I was promised my dress at 5pm, by 6 - nothing. The client before hasn't released it, and now it is 7:30 the dress is finally on its way. This is the way of Couture and to be honest I am bloody lucky not to be shooting through the night. Most of the girls are leaving today / tomorrow to get to NYC for the start of fashion week there mid month.

It has been a crazy few days. A shoot yesterday which went as well as I could have hoped. I am just waiting to hear the verdict. The present shoot is lovely and far, far better than I could have hoped given less than 12 hours ago, I didn't have a studio, clothes, hair + makeup or a girl with a top 20 rating.

Sometimes, although I love this job at times - it can makes me tear my hair out. So here I sit - writing while wasting time (thank god no overtime rates), until the beautiful Gaultier gets here.

Right now however I really could do with a G+T.

*Update - it arrived. It was my first choice and all is forgiven as it is just stunning and worth ever minute of the 2.5 hours late that it was. Viva la Couture!

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Make Do Style said...

Oh gosh poor you -the waiting. I'm just back from a few too many glasses of champagne after model testing, I always need a G&T!

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