Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I now pronounce you …

You see, sometimes in tough times - the big boys look to the past and say: "What happened when the economy went belly up last time?" Besides our loyal clients, who else spends money on Couture? Brides of course! Not everyone can be a year in, year out Couture client but there are still many very rich elite women in this world, which will spend money (no matter how bad the economy) on that dress of a lifetime. No surprise then, that there was more than a spattering of off-white confections to grace the catwalk at Dior today.

This in no way detracted from the wonderful presentation, which I thought, was spot on. Great use of colour, hand painted silks and yummy embroidery and bead-work. The silhouettes were old school glamour, with the odd nod to the up-coming Oscars. Dior is always a house where Couture still reigns supreme and John, as ever is the master of ceremonies. However, one could not help noticing that the Master has been lax at the gym or eating one to many pies as he is looking a tad round at the moment.

Sergio Rossi Puma launch was interesting over at Collette if you are a fan of Satin trainers (both the flat and heeled varieties in a selection of strong bold colours). Fun, but given the London weather, perhaps not practical. I am not a fan of suede or satin as they tend to get trashed in one outing, however that won't stop me from shooting them as soon as I can.

As for Armani, well I would rather just skip that. What did come to my attention was a press release that went out that announced the closing of Take 2 models. Gabriella was to London modelling - well, like Sarah Dukas, or Carol White. So although I know things are tight …well I was not so much shocked but saddened by the news. I hope this isn't a sign of further closures to come.

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Make Do Style said...

Owh love the pies impact! Yes - exactly why do Armani bother?
Really hard times are ahead and Take2 is an indication of it.
All will come good again though, just 2 years fo strife!

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