Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Regal Ice

Some times I thank god I am a Stylist and not a writer by trade, because nothing that I can say or type will come close to the Chanel show today. One multi tiered gorgeous frothy regal icing confection of perfection would be the closest I could come and well - that description is a roaring pastiche if I ever said one. However, to say it was breath taking … would be selling it very short. The room, the tables (and yes people were trying to sneak out with the table cloths, the paper cut centre pieces (pathetic … but understandable) and that was before we even had a chance to look at the clothes.

When the time comes to leave fashion and on to pastures new, these are the shows, which I will take with me. From there it was on to Lacroix. Also a regal showing, the technicality was there, the collection wonderful - the catwalk …. Longer than the rue de Rivoli. For 39 looks, one end of the room was clapping while the other half still had 6 looks to see. It was a minor annoyance in a technically brilliant show.

Maison Martin Margella - was an interesting presentation. If only as the only two other people in the room with me were Suzy Menkies and Carine Roitfeld. Talk about being in the shadow of brilliance. I have to say it was a moment of pure Couture heaven. If only I could have dipped into either of their brains (aka Being John M) for a moment.

Givenchy was a bit of a let down but on top of a cracking day … who has room for critics?

Well I guess me…

More Gareth. So LVMH is looking to buy him … so reports However he was at Chanel as well today so I would imagine he is courting buyers, seeing to be seen or at least trying to get someone to invest in him, as the poor love has no money. Investment isn't easy to come by especially right now. Can't see him taking over Dior Homme but stranger things have happened…..


Make Do Style said...

Owh what a result - I saw the Chanel couture with some previews someone had managed to get apres the show - it looked amazing (again rubbish words) it really is the area that Karl excels in.

I'd have fainted in the MMM bit if it had just been moi and those two!
I've given you an award that posts tomorrow!

Rollergirl said...

Ah Lacroix...I do love him!

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