Thursday, January 29, 2009

Gaultier, Gaultier - where out thou o Gaultier .....

The final day was quite quiet. Due to the general strike in Paris tomorrow everyone I know is trying to jump ship from Paris before the chaos starts. Now I have to admit - other commitments prevented me from going to the Valentino show but Gaultier was his best by miles - all the signatures of Gaultier, corsets, visible boning .. Kyle in the front row (the scrum to get a picture of her was silly), I might add. Kanye was here again (that boy - Music artist or Fashion floozy?). Innes on the Catwalk - milking it for all it was worth and we were lapping up every moment of it. Elli Saab, was ok but given the strength of many of the other collections - it was all a little to soft and girlie for my tastes.

On the news that Take 2 was closing .. I am hearing rumours (and again Rumours only) that also 1 MNGT in NYC is also going the same way?

Thank you also the lovely Liberty London Girl for a heads up in her blog yesterday. She is one of my favourite bloggers out there and if for some ungodly reason you haven't seen her musings - Go NOW!!!!! Furthermore I let out a delighted squeal this morning, as Make Do Style kindly has given me an Award I didn't deserve (rightly so) … I am listed in her top 10 blogs - no bad as I am not a regular blogger, I am consistently un-consistent.

Well I am off to see if there are any Velib Bikes left and go biking across Paris in the Chaos.


Make Do Style said...

Oh I'm so glad Gaultier was good I do love him. Have been working all day so haven't had a chance to see any visuals - good luck with the cycling!

Anonymous said...

exciting stuff, beautiful show

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