Monday, January 26, 2009

Not the new world order

I try not to be a cynic. Hard it must be said in this environment. However, Gareth's show was as predicted a bit of a scrum, full of the Pony step club kids, fashion stylists, editors and general hangers. Did I see anything new? Unfortunately not. It was his first menswear show, and predictably he sent out more of the same, Goth boy dressing. However, in a very hard financial climate one has to ponder how much of a market there is for very rich, anorexic skinny Goth boys/men to dress? Men are not usually the most adventurous with their attire so besides the piles of editorial that he will get .. I can't see much else. I don't believe Gareth is bankrolled to the point where he has a very commercial watered down commercial collection waiting in the wings (I could be very wrong, we shall see). So to concur with Make Do Style - Mad boy indeed, if there was a time to try and develop your ideas and move forward, the time would have been now.

The highlights of today - Dior and one could argue Armani Privee (the later being a bit of a stretch). I have already been asked by a few to judge the general mood. Is it as sombre as everywhere else or is there a fashion buzz on? I suspect it will not be a "grand" couture, a more paired back demure season to reflect the times. It is not the time to be flaunting excessive wealth (for those fleeting Couture clients - I suspect they have in many ways been hit more than most - as a percentage of overall income).

Anyway … more to follow.


Rollergirl said...

Ah I wish you would (could) post more often ;)

Make Do Style said...

You know I think the same too about posting- I trust your judgement!

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