Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Tuesday, 21st September

I don't know why Fashion people can't seem to get along - is it all that hard? They seem to prefer to act like a pack of wild dogs but instead of turning on the weakest member of the pack - they turn on each other indiscriminately. From where I sit - I question frequently why we submit ourselves to this masochistic torture. It is almost as if the fashion shows seem to take second place to the political maneuvering found during fashion week. Of the shows today - Eley Kish had a few lovely moments, Betty Jackson - the grand maven of English fashion put a secure collection together - and I was sitting directly opposite Jennifer Saunders and her daughter - they seemed to enjoy it!

Julien MacDonald seems to have lost his way. I will always like what he does - but this season - it was a little bit too Miss Valentino, with a bit of Pucci and a 80's US prom on Acid. It was also muted on his celeb front - Rachel Stevens, Padma Rushdie and a few others but it seems (at least for this season) the crown of the King of London has passed to Giles.

Rafael Lopez wasn't as good as I had hoped - it was shown in Peter Jones in the atrium where the fabrics usually are. I would have preferred had they spent less on speakers and more on better lighting as then we might have had a chance to see it better - even from the position in the 3rd row where I was I was straining my eyes in bad light. It didn't help matters when it started so late because they were waiting for everyone - when it was clear that no on else was going to show. I rapped up the evening at the Donna Karen party, which actually wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Today I would also like to address DM - part of the reason I don't want to add comments (except for private ones) is it is almost sacrilegious for me to even be writing this uncensored view of the fashion pack - should they ever find out - I am sure I will be excommunicated. Any one of them - if they put their mind to it, could find out my identity (as we are a small bunch) but I prefer it if they didn't. I am hoping they can't be bothered to read the likes of a blog. The beauty of a blog such as this as I can be honest in my interpretation of events. However, I still love to hear your comments and if you care to pass my blog on to your friends - I am honored but I have no intention of putting it out there anymore than I have.

Finally - I would like to send my regards to fellow bloggers,
Belle de Jour and Pete's Posts who both after very successful runs have hung up their blogger badges for the time being - each for there own reasons. They will be sorely missed and it was because of them - I chose to take up sharing my thoughts with you.

" I only go to work to wear my outfits "

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