Friday, July 29, 2005

Friday, 29th July

Ok I know it has been a while peeps - I can not begin to explain the rollercoaster of a ride it has been. I am sure I will divulge that with time. As the wise sage Murphy, I am sure once said - if you book a holiday - it is guaranteed that a juicy job comes in! As is the case today - I cut into my holiday to shoot Mr. Sean Combs, P. Diddy or Puff Daddy (so many names I can not keep up). I was a plum assignment as I was very interested in meeting the man behind the hype. Furthermore (and more importantly) I got to work with a photographer and team that I had wished to work with for a while. The gentleman in question was a delight (both on they eyes and the soul). He was great to work with and if the gods smile on me it will be one of many. If only everyone was so easy to work with!

Sean (as I was permitted to call him) was what I expected him to be. He is a smart cookie - no doubt about that. A rough diamond - there was the bling and the street but he looked you in the eye, said hello, please, and thank you - which goes a long, long way in my book. Now don't think he didn't know his mind - boy did he (and hell if you built up more than one successful company if you didn't I would wonder how you managed it). Strange requests for Hypnosis (sp) - some bright blue vodka/connac (sp) drink, which I have to say looked god awful. But the Champers was flowing and we managed to get everything that the brief asked us to do. Now.. we wait for HQ verdict. I will keep you posted dolls. Enjoy your weekend.

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