Thursday, September 02, 2004

Thursday, September 2nd

Ok I have had a bit more time than usual today as I am in the calm before the storm. This has lead me to check out other fashion bloggers. The winner by far for my "fab o meter" was this site Liisa's" Paperdolls - Celebrity Dress Up Games it is just a scream! Go - enjoy I dare you.

I also was interested in My Fashion Life which is a good general fashion site with very good links if you are into that sort of thing. I have to admit I haven't really looked at other fashion blogs and figure if I just do my own thing (which I have usually done in most aspects of my life) then I am happy. Generally, I find other peoples blogs far outside my own realm of experience are the most interesting. A blog is the one place where you can externalise your inner monologue and that also satisfies one's own voyeuristic tendencies in the way that a regular diary can not.

As for my inner monologue I had a "quiet day" - I spent most of it on the phone. I had a bit of Sample Sale therapy first thing. Then I interviewed a work experience girl as my assistant is away on holiday and had lunch with a PR agency owner for a catch up - which was lovely. I finally had a gander at the new Vuitton campaign and it is really a corker and going to be hard to top that ... I don't usually advocate the use of celebrities but in this case it actually worked. Now what about Kiddman and Chanel.......

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