Sunday, September 19, 2004

Sunday, 19th September

Well on us again - London Fashion Week. The highlight / lowlight of the day seemed to be Frost French. Now I don't care what the reports say tomorrow and I know the papers will have the requisite shots of the show and its high celeb factor, but for me - if this label didn't have that celeb quotient - it would be universally panned. It was a badly cut collection, with 50's lingerie references, stepford wives and a time warp of the worst of Laura Ashley. When thrown together it makes for nothing more than what you can buy down at Top Shop at at 5 times the price. As you can gather it didn't do much for me.

I quickly popped into the tents - mainly to get a hold of this seasons Omega Time Line number - this is what caused me to miss Elspeth Gibson. I did however manage to get a sneak preview of the ES Fashion edition which is out tomorrow. Congratulations all round - it looks good - forward thinking, a bit safe but for a first issue - not a bad effort. When you compare it to the Sunday Times - Style Fashion Special out today - Style has clearly been out classed.

The printing on the Style edition I have - makes Linda look like she has been mugged by a bottle of fake tan! Also really Linda and her comeback is old news - her comeback was 2 years ago now. This is where ES did the business and has Lily Cole as the covergirl. The front row censorship is a page devoted to Colin's winging - yes designers do but shhhurrly it is just to quote Colin - his own "Babyish Tantrums" by devoting a page to it (especially as we know that he was banned from Chanel for the longest time). Also an article about Stylists - come on ... Stylists are not celebrities - there work should be seen and they should not be heard! First and foremost - do we really care? Second is the celebrity stylist any more worthy of an article than say the celebrity makeup artist, hairdresser or pet psychologist? There is already a celebrity backlash but then glorifying there entourage as well - Please save us!

Claudia Croft puts in a good article on good classics - all of which I would agree with - and it reiterates the 50's mantra of buying something that will last and always look chic! But then we have Mels piece on "who is the High Street woman". Again - an article that would have been better in a marketing meeting. The companies know who there core customer is. A woman knows what suits her so why are we forced to read about it?

The best image of the whole book goes to Helen Kenny with her green accessories page - an image better suited to the glossy pages of Vogue (they should take note)! The Paulo Sutch trends piece is not his finest hour but lets face it - this is where they saved money. I am sure the Linda piece cost a bomb to produce (pity it didn't turn out better). The best main fashion goes to Sophia and Satoshi's story, and Jane Cattani's story is also strong. I await the Men's special which is a good twist due out during Paris on 3rd October.

Tomorrow is LFW full throttle so I will keep you posted and also I will give the lowdown on the full ES Fashion critique.

- "I only go to work to wear my outfits"

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