Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Monday, 20th September

Well an odd day on the fashion front. Jonathan Saunders was rather good - softer, more accessible. Paul Smith - well it was lovely but there were no new ideas - just Paul Smith tried and tested - stripes, floral prints and union jack emblems. It was a good collection - it will sell well but exciting it wasn't. Bora Aksu - stuck in a 70's folk chic loop and not my scene. Clements I loved - it got a bit dull in the middle but the end was very strong.

Now on to The ES Mag effort - I can't explain how much better it ended up over Style, I know I am harping on about it but I just can't believe that Style has been usurped. It is glossy, professional, interesting, engaging and the contributors each bring something to the table. Congratulations to Gianluca as his shoots are lovely. However with a magazine that has contributions by Sarah Mower, Lee Jenkins, Bay, Plum and Natalie - what do you expect. They obviously threw money at it and it shows in spade and in very good way.

Anyway - I am knackered and I am off to grab some winks.

" I only go to work to wear my outfits "

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