Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Wednesday, June 23rd

I have just returned from seeing Mean Girls, Tina Fey's adaptation of Queen Bees and Wannabes. Its seems that my life in the Fashion world is a Post Doctorate course in catty A type female behavior.

In Runway world Anna Wintour is referred to at the top of the tree with Franca Sozzani (editor of Italian Vogue) being a close second. The interesting point comes at the shows - where magazines fashion department get pitted head to head (against each other and against other magazines)....

Now the movie was just the ticket. I took a friend S, who is also just split up with her b/f. That is two in one week. I have been known from time to time to lament my single status however the two couples I always held up for scrutiny as living the "Happy Ever After" both now have imploded. I would love to blame Hollywood ... however I am the tragic lemming that buys into the Prince Charming myth.

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