Friday, June 18, 2004

I am suffering from Jet Lag so bare with me on this one - I am also stretching my blogging fingers. All I can promise is a neurotic account of the fashion life that I see around me. It ranges from the deathly dull to catty runway moments from around the world. It is a small sorority, so as I am sure will forgive me, I will tend to leave a few of the more traceable details out. Suffice to say - I travel in the rarefied world of Supermodels, Designers, Stylists, Model bookers, agents and the like.

Is it what I thought when I started it was cracked up to be? Certainly not - however like crack - it is potently addictive and has kept me hooked for almost 10 years. You meet amazing people – some that you read about on a daily basis and some that you think have jumped out of a turn of the century novel. You validate their neurosis and they yours. It is a world that likes to think it is grounded in reality – but is so far removed from it, I wonder why it pretends. There was a time that I was just a simple sunshine girl …… more of that later.

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