Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Tuesday, June 22nd

Why do most blogs I have come across seem to be about sex? Is this a headache left over from Carrie Bradshaw et al?

I have spent the last couple of days with my limited knowledge of computers - tweaking the template of my blog so that its sight didn't offend me. Furthermore, I also researched into other blogs I visit. I was trying to see stylistically what I wanted to see from a blog.

Now I have a healthy appreciation for sex but why does it seem that at least 60% of blogs are sex based? Is that all anyone else wants to read? Now it seems there is a trend that sex blogs writers only link to other sex blog writers. I have included a few of them in my links. I must say some are wonderful - as the feted Belle de Jour or Diablo Cody but most seem to be a case of show and tell, tell and tell.

Back to the fashion fluff - my reading for the plane was Bergdorf Blonds by Plum Sykes
Now several people in the industry have trashed this book however, I loved it for what it was. No, it is never going to be a heavy weight contender but it is the perfect fodder for planes, beach loungers and while sitting under the dryer while having your roots done (heck it beats a tatty copy of US or Hello). People write about what they know and it is evident here in spades. These characters do exist and she knows them very well indeed. Plum, being as the English call it an "it" girl herself along with her sister Lucy; she has lots of material to draw on. Ok, we knew who the heroine was going to end up during in the first 10 pages and it lacked a plot, but everything else was delightful.

Now my weekend - while suffering through my jet lag consisted of escorting a friend to a ball at Blenheim Place. R has recently split up with her boyfriend of several years due to a large drug habit. She suffered through lots of rehab counseling with him but it was one relapse to many, as they say. Being the supportive friend that I am, went along to keep her company (I was glad to share some quality time with her myself!). It was an interesting night to say the least. We had a line up of Madness, Sheryl Crow, Blue and Sir Elton John. A fairly impressive lineup. It was good to see the musicians up close and personal. However, who the hell are Blue? I am sure they are lovely boys but really they are a product of a good choreographer, a good stylist (with a large budget to spend at Dolce) and some bought in songs. I have never been one for boy bands, but to put them up against three other acts that are actually musicians it was tragic. Finally, what compels sane intelligent women to scream out band members names and cry hysterically ....

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