Monday, March 30, 2009

When I gaze into the Mirror

A lovely thanks to Erica Crompton for her lovely mention of me in her piece in the Mirror! I am not (for those who know this blog well) the most prolific blogger out there but I try to keep things interesting.

Sorry for my absence is a crazy mad press week this week. In the usual instance they are crammed somewhat into two weeks where everyone insists on holding theirs on a Tues - Thurs slot. Due to Easter ... it seems everything is crammed into 1! Is everyone nuts?

Our well heeled Fashion Editor shoes can not make it at the best of time to catch everything and I have a 1 shoot in heavy post production and 2 more in pre-production so when in goodness name I am supposed to pull this off and keep the advertisers happy .. only the heavens know.


Film Upstart said...

Ah good to get a mention! I've cahnged my blog posting from Make Do to Fashion and Film now.

adecco. said...

receptionist jobs

You’re a very busy girl. Don’t worry about your readers we are just happy and enjoying reading your blog post.

Aot said...

administration traineeship
Good luck on whatever you‘re doing. Don’t worry about your readers we’re just happy and enjoying reading your blog post.

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