Friday, August 11, 2006

Friday, August 11th 2006 - Moss Off already, why don't you

I am sick of to the teeth of the Moss. Ok we know she is normal, we know she is beautiful. Yes, she has done way too much Coke and booze in her time but find me someone in fashion that is cleaner than clean (ya right). I even have the utmost respect that during the height of the Kate witch-hunt, she didn't go crying to the press with some sob story or another. But ENOUGH ALREADY.

I am sick to the teeth of her at the moment - she has been over exposed. 1. PUT YOUR TOP ON GIRL! She seems to be incapable of keeping her clothes on. I am all for self expression and being uninhibited but I have seen more of Kate Moss's nipples than Jordan's! She has a great pair no doubt - so do I (so it isn't a case of boob envy), but it has become tedious that every shot of her seems to be topless - even when she is supposed to be flogging merchandise.

2. I like the cover of Vanity Fair - the Mert and Marcus pictures are great but then compared to the English Vogue Cover ... oh dear what was the Conde Nast UK camp thinking (and it maybe me but isn't it out of focus????). Again everywhere you turn there she is.

3. Finally - open any Fashion magazine (which I am likely to have to do almost everyday for work purposes) and she has landed every bloody campaign. It is like either every ad director worldwide was devoid of an idea!
"Oh I know ... lets get Kate Moss! ... that will be original and different!"
From Burberry (the one she was doing "before"), to Dior, Versace, Longchamp and Vuitton you see Kate on the pages of the first 25 pages of ads. I dread to imagine how much each of these companies paid for the privilege - when they could have gotten someone else just as worthy (Maria Carla, Daria, Hana etc).

Yes do support her, yes she is a role model (although she has never asked to be), but I am so sick of seeing her everywhere. I think the true public backlash might now begin. She will have survived the Cocaine scandal, and the addictive rocker but will she survive her own over exposure? If I were her agency (Sarah??? Rein it in a bit will you), I would be very wary about now.

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