Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Wednesday, July 28th

Life on the outside of a blog sometimes infringes with life inside it.  I have been playing councilor recently to several friends who seem to have split with their respective g/f or b/f. Furthermore, many of the joined at the hip couples I know have all seemed to be questioning the validity of their relationships. I am beginning to believe it is a virus.

One such couple, the gentleman concerned broken off his engagement (much to the relief of his friends) - not a decision taken lightly. Is it a summer malaise? People are outside - chatting, flirting and then become dissatisfied with their partners' as the grass in London always seems far greener in the summer? 

I have been hermited away from the fashion fray for a few weeks because of other commitments but things are in the pipeline so I will keep you posted....

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